Industry Partners

Our Center is a jointly funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science, Research, and Economy (BMWFW) via the Christian Doppler Forschungsgesellschaft (CDG) and our industry partners. Besides funding the project our industry partner actively participate in our research efforts by providing research questions and valuable application know-how. Our partners are:

  • Gebrüder Weiss is a family-run worldwide logistics provider. Starting from a strong basis in their home markets, the Alpine and Danube regions and Eastern Europe, Gebrüder Weiss provides land, sea, and air freight on every continent. Their experts develop branch and customer specific transport and logistics solutions, which enable the seamless connection of the production, business and transport processes.
  • Hypo Landesbank Vorarlberg AG (Hypo) is a medium sized bank and the largest individual bank in the state of Vorarlberg. Hypo is an incorporated company with the state of Vorarlberg as the majority owner. Hypo has about 700 employees, its headquarter is located in Bregenz. The core business of the Hypo is strongly rooted in the state of Vorarlberg. Besides Vorarlberg, Hypo maintains branches in other parts of Austria, in southern Germany, in Switzerland, and Italy. Hypo’s main areas of business are commercial banking, securities, and domestic real estate. Hypo has been a research partner of the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences since 2008. The collaborations led to the development of several software packages currently in use at Hypo. Hypo contributes application know-how in the field of portfolio management and stress testing to allow for the development of software solutions for optimizing portfolios and simulated stress testing.
  • Infeo is a regional software and service provider for companies and public authorities in the field of waste management. Infeo develops software solutions to plan and monitor waste collection processes. This includes software to plan routes and to segment areas of operation for individual waste collection vehicles. The realization of routes is supported by branch specific navigation and telematic solutions. Infeo was founded in the year 2010 as a Spin-o ff company of FHV and the Umweltverband Vorarlberg. Currently Infeo has seven employees. Since 2010 Infeo has carried out numerous planning projects for companies and public authorities, and has developed
    a range of software tools to support the planning and operative process in the field of waste management. Reference projects include the planning of household waste collection processes in the Austrian cities of Dornbirn, and Landeck, and for the Umweltdienst Burgenland. In Germany Infeo has worked for the company ALBA with projects in Heilbronn, Braunschweig and the lake of Constance region. In Switzerland Infeo has worked for KVA Thurgau. Infeo brings its extensive on-the-ground know-how in route planning into the project in order to obtain better and more robust route-planning tools.
  • myPEX (myProcessEXcellence) is a business consultancy that offers services in the fields of banking and controlling. It develops software solutions for risk measurement and management in investment funds. A distinctive feature of myPEX’s risk measurement software is its implementation of systematic stress testing. By identifying systematically the worst case among all scenarios above a plausibility threshold, it o ffers costumers detailed information about the extent of worst losses, and about character of the most harmful scenarios. Costumers of myPEX then use this information to design counteraction to make worst case losses acceptable. Within the proposed Ressel Center, myPEX is involved in the economics applications on stress testing, and in the development of methods for robust optimization.
  • Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG (VKW) is the major electricity producer and supplier in the state of Vorarlberg. In 2009, about 493.2 million kWh were produced in VKW hydro-power stations. With the State Government of Vorarlberg setting the target of the Energy Autonomy 2050, VKW holds an important position in implementing and further developing actions. In this context, VKW has made a signi cant commitment towards energy research and innovation within the state of Vorarlberg by initializing and co-hosting the illwerke vkw Endowed Professorship for Energy Eciency at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, FHV. Within Energy Autonomy 2050 VKW
    is one of the leading parties to bring down electricity consumption down by 17% until 2020 (relative to 2008 consumption). In order to achieve this aggressive target significant advances in the field of building energy conservation are necessary due to the high share of heat pump space heating in Vorarlberg. VKW views R&D in novel insulation materials, DSM components and modeling as key to reducing electricity consumption. VKW will benefit from the proposed JR center via the development of DSM components, modeling tools for DSM enabled grids. Collaboration between VKW and FHV is very close and constant communication is ensured via the joint professorship.
    VKW will contribute to the proposed center by allowing the use of existing grid models and by bringing in extensive grid operation and energy efficiency know-how. In return VKW expects robust DSM algorithms, grid simulation tools, and a better understanding of the potentials of novel materials for energy efficiency applications.
  • Vorarlberger Landesversicherung (VLV) is a mutual insurance company with headquarters in Bregenz, Vorarlberg. VLV has about 160 employees and offers various insurance products. It has a strong position in real estate insurance and its business is locally concentrated on Vorarlberg. VLV has interest in risk models for natural disasters, market prices and real estate prices. VLV is has had a continuous research collaboration with the FH Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences since 2008. VLV brings on-the-ground know-how on risk assessment and risk management in return it expects e risk models and portfolio optimizers.