Project Overview

We aim at developing and providing experts with tools, which are as flexible as available laboratory solutions, and as powerful as available industry solutions. The way we intend to achieve these goals is to provide a distributed
execution framework and connected libraries with optimization routines and field specif c modeling functions. Our project is structured accordingly: Two workpackages (WPs) deal with providing the central computational and algorithmic infrastructure, namely

  • WP2: Distributed Execution Framework (DEF) and
  • WP3: Optimization Library.

Whereas three workpackages deal with providing model libraries for our application fields, namely:

  • WP4: Energy Model Library,
  • WP5: Finance Model Library, and
  • WP6: Logistics Library.

Finally, WP1: Project Management is concerned with managing and administering the project, while WP7: Dissemination deals with publishing project results and outcomes.